Scallop In Green Bed


Special scallop topped with our secret red sauce
and served on a bed of broccoli.

Scallop In Green Bed at the Baan Thai cuisine

Tamarind Chicken


Half fried chicken topped with our secret special tamarind sauce, kind of sweet & sour.


(Pad Thai Kung & Gai Yang) $22

Pan fried thin rice noodles with fried tofu, egg, bean sprouts, green onion and crushed peanuts with jumbo prawns and grilled marinated chicken in Thai special sauce. Please note: This dish is NOT gluten free.

Warrior at the Baan Thai cuisine in San Anselmo

Hello My Lamb


Mild curry with coconut milk, curry powder, the meat of lamb, onion, carrot,
and potato served with our cucumber salad.

Angel Wing In Panang Curry


Slow-cook boneless chicken wing stuffed with minced chicken, silver noodles, mushroom, carrot and onion in red curry sauce. 
Please note: This dish is gluten free.